Uber can be an excellent way to earn extra income. But it may not be suitable for everyone; to qualify you need a reliable vehicle and pass a background check as well as pay income taxes and insurance.

In this article, we’ll outline 7 compelling arguments to become an Uber driver, such as earnings potential and success strategies.

1. Make Money

Many drivers work for Uber and Lyft in order to make money. After expenses such as booking fees and fuel costs have been taken into account, an hour of work can bring in up to $11 earnings; drivers also benefit from tips from passengers.

Keep a keen eye out for “peak” hours in your area as this is when you can expect to make the most per hour. These times typically occur late at night or early in the morning during concerts, sporting events, trade shows and more.

Be polite and engage your passengers in conversation without forcing it – some passengers enjoy talking while others prefer staying silent during their ride. Furthermore, avoid discussing controversial subjects, as an offended passenger could give you a poor rating and limit future earnings potential.

2. Have Your Own Schedule

Uber drivers appreciate its flexibility. You have control over when and how often you work; thus giving you more freedom to pursue other interests while maintaining balance in life.

But some drivers feel less independent than Uber claims they are. A recent survey conducted by NPR revealed that hundreds of drivers felt controlled by an anonymous boss who is always there and always there when needed.

Uber driving may present challenges, but there are numerous advantages. Driving can help you earn some extra cash, meet new people and gain greater control of your life. Just make sure that you’re prepared for the process – which may take up to 7 days – with all necessary documents ready and the process will go more quickly.

3. Meet New People

Uber and Lyft drivers frequently use driving as an opportunity to meet new people. This is especially prevalent in major cities where passengers hail from all around the globe and love sharing stories from their travels.

Drivers regularly interact with their passengers, so it is crucial that you can strike up conversations and provide friendly customer service. A smile goes a long way in this arena, while offering extras such as gum, tissues or hairbands can increase tips substantially.

Uber drivers can connect with fellow drivers through online communities like Reddit or Discord, which provide great ways to learn what others in their region are up to and share tips and best practices. There are even apps which allow drivers to interact in real-time.

4. Have More Control Over Your Life

People enjoy driving with Uber because it gives them more control of their lives. You decide the number of hours per week you work and can set your schedule. Plus, this could be an excellent way to earn extra income or save for something special!

Although Uber boasts “be your own boss” language in their promotional materials, many drivers say they don’t feel empowered to make their own decisions. NPR reporter Aarti Shahani recently conducted interviews and informal surveys with hundreds of drivers; here are their stories.

5. Be Your Own Boss

Uber leaders like to claim that drivers can “be their own boss.” Yet in interviews conducted by NPR and an informal survey they conducted, hundreds of Uber drivers have revealed their disappointment in how the company fulfills this promise.

Many drivers choose Uber because it allows them to set their own hours. But with that freedom comes responsibility – one Uber driver told NPR she drove 14-hour shifts straight.

Uber uses pricing as another tool to exert its control over its drivers, constantly altering prices based on an algorithm they don’t understand and employing surge pricing to increase prices at busy times – leaving drivers feeling clueless and powerless; in many instances they cannot even reach someone at Uber to lodge complaints about this practice.

6. Have More Control Over Your Time

As an Uber driver insured by zego, you have complete flexibility when determining how many hours and when you will work each week. This freedom is one reason people enjoy driving for Uber.

However, if you choose to drive for Uber it is essential that you understand when they will experience busy periods so as to maximize earnings and maximize earnings potential.

Fares will typically increase during evening rush hour and morning commute times as these are busy times for drivers as many individuals need to arrive at work on time.

Special events or weather conditions must also be considered when setting Uber prices, for example during a snowstorm more people might use Uber than usual leading to higher fares and additional money for drivers – particularly on weekends and holidays when conditions may worsen further.

7. Have More Control Over Your Money

Uber is working to empower drivers to control their income. By employing psychological incentives, they attempt to influence when, where and for how long drivers work.

Guendelsberger found that encouraging drivers to race towards areas with high surge pricing rarely worked. She would often arrive at her destination by the time it had ended and any extra money earned wasn’t worth her while driving through surge pricing zones.

Uber drivers don’t typically enjoy much entrepreneurial opportunity. Uber decides the fares and payment, and penalties may apply if a trip or route deemed inefficient by Uber is rejected, meaning their earnings can only increase through working more hours; though food delivery services like Post Mates, Grub Hub or Door Dash might provide another source of income that helps maximize earnings potential.