Knowing how to stop rust build-up in metals can be the difference between protecting your investment and spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on professional rust removal services. Most people would just call the experts when their rusted keys suddenly turn the wrong way.

But what most people don’t realize is that prevention is much better than cure. One of the most important things to keep in mind about rust is that it thrives in moisture. So keeping your vehicle dry all the time is very important.

You should also make sure not to let moisture sit around exposed metal parts for too long. It is always best to protect rusting from the inside of the metal rather than just the outside. This is because once rust begins to develop on the surface, it can spread quite rapidly inside the metal.

One way to keep the rust away from metal parts is to always clean them thoroughly before you apply rust removal products. This will help you remove rust that has already started to form.

If you plan on going to the hardware store to purchase rust removal products, it would be a good idea to bring along a small test tube or two to try out different rust removal treatments before actually applying one on your car. This way you can see which treatment works best and on what type of metal the rust is attacking.

Before actually starting the rust removal process, you should have your car prepared for it. Most people do not bother to do this, but proper preparation is always important. You need to make certain the area being treated is clear of anything that could interfere with the treatment.

For example, metal flaps should not be in the way as they can conduct heat and lead to corrosion. Before starting the rusting process, you should make certain the area is well ventilated. The room should also be kept relatively cool. Go to for more details on effective rust-removal choices.

This is especially true if you intend to let the chemical do its work. You wouldn’t want to end up using too much bleach as it could lead to water damage. A hairdryer may be used to blow air on the area and keep it warm, but remember to turn it off after use.

An electric fan would be a better option to circulate the air while waiting for the chemicals to work their way into the metal. Once you are done and ready to start the chemical treatment, pre-spray the metal with an anti-rust liquid. This would prevent the rusting agent from penetrating the surface.

Do not spray too heavily as you do not want to get a heavy downpour of the liquid. Allow it to dry naturally over the course of an hour or so. Do not use a cloth to wipe off the solution as this would encourage rusting even more.

After it is dry, you can proceed with rinsing. You should follow the direction of the rust on the metal – usually, the top of the metal will show the reddish color of the rust while the center may be a lighter shade. Use a mild detergent soap and warm water to wash away the rust.

Rinse the area completely and make sure you rinse well. The entire process should be done over again before putting on another coat of sealant. There you have it – two simple ways to stop rust build-up in metals. Using sealants to stop further rusting and preventive care to keep water out of the metals.

The key here is maintenance. Simple maintenance can go a long way in preventing rusting. This is true with all types of materials that we use every day.