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1. Watermelon

The water-packed fruit is a great snack to keep around for its ability to reduce bloating and promote fat loss. Plus, it provides a boost of potassium and Vitamin C to support muscle health.

It’s one of the best carb foods to eat for a flat belly since it is low in sugar and contains lots of fiber, which helps keep your blood sugar stable and hunger at bay. Plus, it’s a good source of citrulline, an amino acid precursor to arginine, which has been shown to help burn fat. Try it alone or in Watermelon Salad.

2. Soybeans

Soybeans are a great belly-trimming food, thanks to isoflavones (plant estrogens) that can reduce stomach fat. Choose soy protein, such as in tofu and soybean milk, as well as whole-grain products like brown rice.

This summer veggie provides a belly-trimming punch because it is low in calories and high in calcium. Add it to your salads with ingredients like Watermelon and Red Onions.

3. Dark Chocolate

You’ve probably coveted Jillian Michaels-style abs at one point or another, but while crunches and sit-ups can help, a combination of cardio, strength training, and eating right is the only way to burn belly fat for good. Fortunately, there are many delicious and healthy foods that can aid in the process.

It’s not really a secret anymore that chocolate can be pretty good for you (just don’t go overboard). A 2012 study found that people who indulged in dark chocolate two times a week had lower BMIs than those who didn’t eat the sweet treat at all.

It’s thought that chocolate reduces appetite and gives you a natural energy boost that encourages exercise. Add it to your menu with a yummy recipe like Dark Chocolate-Almond Torte.

4. Eggs

Flat belly foods like eggs help boost any weight loss plan because they’re loaded with protein, which is essential for satiety and fat burn. Eggs are also low in calories but high in filling nutrients and healthy fats, making them a must-have for any diet. Enjoy them for breakfast in our Breakfast Burrito or for lunch in Avocado and Egg Salad.

5. Beans

In addition to core exercises and HIIT workouts, eating foods that promote a flatter belly can be just as important to your weight loss goals. These belly-flattening foods are low in calories and full of weight loss-nurturing nutrients like fiber and protein.

Beans, like kidney beans, black beans and pinto beans, offer a good source of protein. They are also a good source of soluble fiber, which helps to reduce belly fat.

Resistant starches, such as beans and lentils, have a lower glycemic index than other carbohydrates, meaning they don’t turn into sugar during digestion. Add them to salads, quinoa dishes and roasting vegetables for a healthy meal.

6. Tart Cherries

A recent study found that when rats were fed whole tart cherry powder mixed into their diets, they didn’t build as much fat in the stomach area. The reason cherries may help to reduce belly fat is because they contain anthocyanins, which are compounds that fight oxidative stress.

This fruit is also loaded with hydrating fiber, which helps to keep your digestion healthy and reduce bloating. One cup of the red jewels contains 4 grams of protein, which can satisfy your appetite and build calorie-burning lean muscle.

Add them to a morning smoothie along with other flat belly favorites like kale and berries for extra punch. Or, make a refreshing Green Tea-Kiwi Berry Smoothie to sip before bed to help you sleep better and support your weight loss goals.

7. Whole Wheat Bread

While the bread aisle may be intimidating for anyone who wants to cut carbs, the right kind can actually help trim your waistline. Look for whole wheat bread instead of white. It has three parts of the grain, which helps to regulate blood sugar and boost metabolism. Add a slice to your lunch or dinner to feel satisfied and curb hunger cravings.


A staple of the Mediterranean diet, EVOO contains MUFAs that boost weight loss and decrease belly fat. It also has an antioxidant, called oleocanthal, that reduces inflammation and may help prevent a rise in blood sugar after meals, making it a must-have for diabetics. When buying EVOO, choose one that has minimal processing.

Try drizzling it on salads or using it to make low-calorie dressings. You can even add a few drops to your coffee or water to fight bloat.

9. Apples

A nutrient-rich fruit, apples provide belly fat-burning polyphenols and soluble fiber. In fact, according to a study published in the journal Oleo Science, long-term consumption of apple juice containing these compounds can significantly reduce belly fat within weeks.

This summer sweet treat is low in calories, and also offers a boost of calcium to support bone health and encourage a slimmer waistline. Pair with protein for a satisfying snack, like with nut butter or cheese or in savory dishes such as Curried Chicken Apple Wraps.

10. Grapes

Studies suggest that foods high in anthocyanins (found in cherries, blueberries and red grapes) help reduce belly fat. Plus, the fruit is a natural diuretic, which helps battle water retention that can make you look puffy. Try them in this healthy dessert: Melon and Grape Salad.

Green grapes are low in calories and are a good source of fiber, which can make you feel full and help manage your appetite and food intake. They are also packed with nutrients like potassium, Vitamin C and flavonoids like resveratrol and anthocyanins. A cup contains just 100 calories.