We never hesitate to pay so much money or travel a long distance to see our favourite musicians perform their songs. There were many concerts and live performances which deserve mention in the “best concert” list, but only a few manage to get into the list. Continue reading to learn more about the top concerts and live performances in the world:

Jimi Hendrix World Tour:

In the year 1967 when Jimi Hendrix released his album Are You Experienced, people were in love with his music. The band toured all year, and they also played alongside Pink Floyd, Cat Stevens in various different venues.

Green Day, Woodstock:

During the year 1994, all the rock fans gathered at Woodstock, New York for about three days for the 25th Anniversary of the band. The concert was a great success as it had an infusion of punk music and alternative rock music. The album Dookie which was released about 6 months ago it was hitting the charts that year.

Judas Priest, AWD Hall:

Rob Halford left the band in the year 1992, and after two decades the band gets together and puts up a concert in the year 2004 at AWD Hall. The later went on to record the album Angel of Retribution. The band opened their concert with a song from the 80s named screaming for vengeance, and this was a very special moment for the fans of Judas Priest.

The Who at the Isle of Wight:

More than half a million rock fans came to the concert, and the small island in the English Channel was filled with rock fans. The concert got the Guinness for the most attended concert of all times. The band performed most of their blockbusters like Tommy, My Generation, Naked eye, etc.

James Brown Concert:

The Boston Garden was filled with people in the year 1964 for the James Brown concert. Even though it was the year when Martin Luther King Jr got assassinated, the mayor of the town had cancelled many public events, but the James Brown concert was allowed, and James dedicated the entire concert to Martin Luther King. His powerful music moved people, and it was more of a healing medicine for the heartbroken people.

Michael Jackson, Motown:

Michael Jackson was a legend, and we all love him. The album thrilled was released in the year 1982 but after a few months his song Billie Jean was hitting the charts. The singer performed his signature move: the moonwalk at the concert, and it amazed the audience. He moved everyone all around the world who was watching him on the television. Michael Jackson moved many and also touched the hearts of his fans. People adored him, and his performances were brilliant.